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well, in terms of stereotypes germany is like russia. The stereotypes focus more on a span of time somethnig bad happenedthan actual culture. (Hitler in germany's situation, and Stalin for Russia). That doesn't mean that germany doesn't have much culture. Also, Consider the following: The places that germany used to be were culturally the center of European Civilisation in the dark ages and defined other cultures. It's not like germany has less culture. Other cultures have too much germany.

The German stereotyped don’t really have anything to do with Hitler. Most Germany stereotypes are: ‘loves sausage’ ‘loves bear’ ‘always wears tradtitional clothing’ ‘tall, blonde, blue eyes’ ‘not very good sense of humour’ etc etc.

and from my point of view it doesn’t have much culture, YET (Since Germany is NOT the Holy Roman Empire, if that is what you are referring to). I know other countries have a few germanic traits but the country of Germany itself doesn’t have too much OWN culture in my opinion.

And I say that, because if you think of German culture and traditions you automatically think of the Bavarians, but what about the northern states? I myself don’t know much about their traditions and culture and that’s why I say that I think it doesn’t have that much, because most people only know about the Bavarians and the Oktoberfest.

We do have a lot of history for a ‘young country’ but I don’t really know about the culture.

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to be fair, germany is younger than the usa if you don’t count the hre. the confederation wasn’t formed til 1815. from an american pov, germany has a distinct stereotype that’s a mix of bavarian/prussian/austrian stereotypes plus added work ethic so

I know all of that, that’s why I was wondering. I mean I am German myself and when I look at the other countries I realise how less of an own culture we have.

The south is what defined the stereotypes (aka the bavarians) and the rest if just a mix of so many cultures, so I somehow have the feeling that Germany doesn’t have that much of an own culture (in comparison to e.g France)

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Did anyone ever find out why tumblr didn’t let us reblog/post yesterday?

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